István Árkossy painter and graphician. Born in 1943 in Clausenburg, currently living in Budapest, Hungary. Graduated at the University of Fine Arts in Clausenburg in 1966. 

Member of :

  • Association of Hungarian Creative Artists
  • Federation of Hungarian Fine and Applied Arts Societies
  • Association of Hungarian Graphic Artists
  • Society of Hungarian Painters
  • Hungarian Writers' Association
  • Miklós Barabás Society

"... István Árkossy is one of the most multi-faceted personality of the graphic school in Clausenburg, his studio of artistic imagination has been established after occupancy of every genre and method (drawing, etching, collography, illustration, ex libris, poster, brochures, magazine-design and graphics). Later on his graphic activity gets more colorful and in 1982 opens his painting exhibition. His graphical composition matured motifs, signs, associative system of indications are renewed and embedded in his paintings according to the delicate, animative theme- and perspective-faith of the masters of the great artistic eras, renaissance and baroque but at the same time also transformed into romantic and surrealistic fantasies. The dual influence of the concrete and presage of fantastic fantasies, imaginative locations are maximised by the special painting method which nowadays can be only sparsely observed, while his superior drawing skill is radiating in endless color shades..."
Zoltán Banner
art historian

"... Árkossy is a delicate appraiser, presenter and faithful chronicler of his intellectual and human era with his approach and his virtute. His world of vision is analogous to the poets' afloating freedom, by showing to the dreamy observer the world's marvels, the potential vision of existence and ruination which the characteristic of poets and dreamers..."
Aladár Lászlóffy

"... Árkossy is a world creator artist, he is storing the experience of reality deep inside and when he is re-creation, everything in transformed again in a new synthesis, relationship. The artist creates his inner world. A new, deeply thought universe is unfolding in his paintings, drawings and etchings. The cosmic view is associated with universal range of interest..."
Hilda Horváth
art historian